Our Values

At Dry Ridge Farm, we pride ourselves on making a living doing what we love, while recognizing our responsibilities toward our animals, our environment, and our community.

Environmental Values:

We are grateful for the resources that allow us to sustain ourselves, our livestock, and our community, and we strive to maintain those resources for generations to come.  We focus on raising healthy animals, preserving their species’ genetic diversity, and using them to maintain the biodiversity of our pastures and woodlands.  We do this through three key components of our production.  We raise heritage breeds that are naturally best able to thrive on our pastures; all of our animals spend their lives on our pastures or in our woodlands and never get added hormones, steroids or feed antibiotics, so our customers can enjoy our products knowing they came from healthy, happy animals.  We improve the productivity and biodiversity of our pastures by using rotational grazing techniques, which helps soils maintain appropriate nutrient levels and helps our grasses and legumes to thrive.

Social Values:

Our social values differentiate us from many meat producers, and include a focus on strengthening two communities that are important to us: our own human community and the animal communities that help sustain us.

We show respect for the animal communities on our farm by raising them in a healthy environment, both physically and socially.  Besides our chickens, which arrive when they’re only days old, all of our animals are born and raised entirely on our farm, leading to strong communities within our animal populations.  All our livestock spend their lives doing what animals do: rooting or grazing on pasture, basking in the sun or in wallows, scratching and pecking for insects and worms, and breathing fresh mountain air.  Our animals lead happy lifestyles and we pride ourselves on holding their well-being as our highest priority.

We also value the importance of doing our part to improve the well-being of our human community.  That’s why we set aside the equivalent of 1% of our sales to give as meat donations to community members in need.  We recognize the flaws in our country’s food system.  Raising food in factories is cost-effective, but also more harmful to consumers and their environment, and we know that many of our community members lack access to adequate healthy food sources.  We’ll make meat donations each year, which means our customers can pride themselves on knowing that every purchase they make helps fight hunger in their community.  Our customers also have the opportunity to purchase product outright for donation. It’s neighbors helping neighbors and together, we’re building a stronger community.

Economic Values:

We started Dry Ridge Farm, with a desire to make a living entirely from our farm, while maintaining our environmental and social ethics.  We’ve chosen our specific livestock breeds for the ideal balance of preserving genetic diversity, producing excellent quality products, and production efficiency.  Our breed choices help us maintain our values, while maintaining fair prices for our customers and providing us with a sustainable livelihood and desirable lifestyle.  We also know that our economic success depends entirely on our customers’ satisfaction, so we constantly work on maintaining and improving the quality and consistent supply of our products.   We also love getting to know our customers, so whether you’re wanting to taste our products or just chat about life in general, come visit us at one of our markets!

Our values are the most important part of our business. They guide our work and our lives, and we’re always happy to share more about why we make our specific choices in production and in business.

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