We farm for animal welfare. We farm for human health. We farm to build community.

We recognize the flaws in our country’s food system. Raising food in factories is cost-effective (in the short-term), but also more harmful to consumers and their environment, and we know that many of our community members lack access to adequate healthy food sources.

That’s why we set aside the equivalent of 1% of our sales to give as meat and egg donations to community members in need, which means our customers can pride themselves on knowing that every purchase they make helps fight hunger in our community.

Over the past three years, we’ve donated over 200 pounds of pork chops to Welcome Table, 150 pounds of salami to Manna Food Bank, & several hundred pounds of meat to HelpMate, and in 2021, we donated 78 cases (that’s 14,000 eggs!) to We Give a Share.