“These yolks are amazing!” This is the comment we hear most at market, and we never get tired of hearing it! We pride ourselves on producing the best eggs available anywhere. Our yolks are orange and stand up high on rich, thick whites. They’re full of flavor and will probably make you wonder why you ever even ate bland grocery store eggs!

Why are our eggs delicious? Happy Hens & Excellent Feed.

Our birds are on fresh grass ALL THE TIME.  Yes, they have a shelter, so they can come in out of the rain and blazing sun, but they spend their days eating bugs from our fields, scratching seeds between blades of grass, taking dust baths and chilling in the shade of our trees.  They get to be happy chickens, and happy chickens produce excellent eggs.

Our neighbor, Eddie Shelton, brings us fresh feed weekly, milled and mixed just two miles from our farm!  Our feed looks like fancy, small-batch grits. I kid you not – I’ve been tempted to try cooking up a batch and tasting it myself.   Eddie’s been farming since he could walk. He knows that animals thrive on high-quality ingredients and that’s why we source our chicken feed (and hay!) from Eddie. Besides that, we like keeping our money in Madison County rather than paying for huge corporate feed!

We sell our egg cartons at our three Asheville farmers’ markets and wholesale eggs to dozens of restaurants in Asheville and surrounding counties.  Please email or call for wholesale information.

2 thoughts on “PASTURED EGGS”

  1. Can we come to your farm and pick up eggs, or do we have to go to one of the farmers markets?

    1. You have to go to market for now. We just have too many requests for pick up and want to limit visitors to our home/farm. We have a Tuesday, Wednesday and two Saturday farmers markets though and the weekday ones aren’t busy after the first hour (so no wait). Thanks.

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