Our pigs spend most of their lives in our 10 acres of woodlands, happily munching on hickory nuts and walnuts, rooting for grubs, and snuggling together in the shade. When temperatures get really cold, we set them up with piles of straw in our barn, where they spend their days snoozing in pig piles and rooting through their straw bales for seed treats.  We raise primarily Berkshire & Hereford crosses that we purchase at 6-8 weeks old from local breeders, including Hickory Nut Gap Farm, Worsham Spring Farm, & Warren Wilson College Farm. The rich, smooth fat on our pork chops melts in your mouth and the dark red meat is full of the sweet, nutty flavors provided by their free access to tree nuts in the Summer and Fall and to apple seconds from local orchards through the Winter.

In addition to foraging, our pigs receive a formulated hog feed ground and mixed by our neighbor, Eddie Shelton. Eddie also grows a lot of the corn he uses in it.  Our feed looks like fancy, small-batch grits & I kid you not – I’ve been tempted to try cooking up a batch and tasting it myself!   Eddie’s been farming since he could walk. He knows that animals thrive on high-quality ingredients and that’s why we source our pig feed (and hay… and all of our farm supplies) from him. Besides that, it feels great to keep our money in Madison County.

We offer a selection of over 15 cuts and sausage flavors so you can appreciate everything from a bratwurst to a country-fried pork chop to a fall-off-the-bone slow-roasted pork shoulder.

Pigs are what got us into farming.  We love their curious interactions, from 10-week-old piglets tentatively nibbling on boots and asking for scratches to 5 month old hogs bounding around us asking to be chased; pigs are a joy to raise, and we love making sure that they have happy, healthy lives at our farm.

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