A comfortable, healthy cow produces the best meat.  Our beef is flavorful and tender because of our animal welfare standards, breed selection, and pasture management practices.  Our grass-fed Belted Galloway cows were bred to grow well on pasture, leading to beef that is well-marbled and juicy without the need to add grain to their diet.  Cows raised conventionally get 30 to 50 pounds of corn each day to fatten them up in the months before slaughter; ours don’t need a single grain – their steaks marble naturally with an exclusively grass diet!

Our Galloways’ trademark curly hair keeps them warm through cold winter months while protecting them from our summer heat.  Their comfort in our climate combined with their naturally calm temperament and the fact that we strive for all of our calves to be born on our farm and remain with the same herd through slaughter, keeps our animals’ stress levels low, resulting in tastier beef!

Our herd rotates through 12 paddocks on 100 acres allowing their fields to rejuvenate between grazing periods which fosters their natural biodiversity, and we help our pastures maintain their nutrient-rich soil by spreading our hog and chicken manure across our grazing fields throughout the growing season.  We are grateful for the resources that allow us to sustain ourselves, our livestock, and our community, and we strive to maintain those resources for generations to come.


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