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Married, Honeymooned, Home (and it’s snowing!)

We got a couple big events checked off our to-do list in September and October. Get married – check! Honeymoon – check! And now, we’re home, relaxed and ready to tackle our next steps, and excited that our lamb and pork are just about a month away from going to market! Below are a few of our favorite wedding and honeymoon pictures.  Maybe not the typical farm website post, but hey, we hear some of you would like to see some pictures, and it is the biggest happening on the farm of late!

First things first though.  Keep an eye on the Markets and Products sections of our website as they transition from summer markets to winter and as we transition to our full line of products, adding pork, lamb, and rabbit to our product availability!  This Wednesday will be our last farmers’ market day at Asheville City Market – South in Arden. SO, come see us from 2-6 to stock up your freezer with chicken and buy a few dozen eggs (they really do last 4-6 weeks!).  Get ready for football season with a freezer full of chicken wings! Supplies of all cuts are limited so come early!  We’ll have plenty of fresh whole chickens as well.  We might very well have some chicken recipes for you to take home. Graham and I cooked a large whole bird last Wednesday, and have four recipes we made with leftovers to pass along: whole roasted bird, chicken burritos, chicken salad, and chicken soup (then broth!).

Also, we’re in dire need of egg cartons, so if you remember to bring them along, it’ll make Wendy’s day to get stacks of cartons!!

Last week and this weekend at the farm were all about preparing our animals for winter’s sudden onslaught. It was 70 degrees last week, and now as I’m writing, the view from our window is gray and dreary, with trees bending in the wind, shedding the last of their leaves and just starting to show the white dusting of snow.  By tomorrow morning, our farm will be under its first blanket of snow since becoming “our farm”, so we spent the past couple days making sure our ewes can sit out the storm in their shed, out of the wind, that our hogs have plenty of dry straw to bed down in, and that our hoses and water troughs are set up to handle a hard freeze.  As for Graham and I, the next couple days are office days, and when the snow clears, this week’s big project is working our ewes: checking for parasites and the twice yearly task of trimming hooves.  I, for one, am very happy we have a headgate and tilt table now, so I don’t end up sore for days from plopping each ewe back on her rump to trim hooves, like we did last time. I didn’t need any convincing that a tilt table was a good investment after that experience!

And now, picture time: Wedding and Honeymoon.  Our wedding was a wonderful celebration, full of friends, family, love, laughter, tears, sunshine, a downpour, pig wrangling (yes, the piglets got out on the wedding day), and rainbows.  It was truly perfect. All but two of the wedding photos below are from one of our photographer, Jaclyn Morgan. Find more of our wedding photos and more of her photos at http://www.jaclynmorganphotography.com. We highly recommend her! Also, our cake was made by Holly from Sweet Monkey Bakery. Best wedding cake imaginable! Seriously, who’s ever heard of a delicious wedding cake? This was was as delicious as it was beautiful! Alright, that’s it for the wedding plugs.  Actually, anyone looking for a caterer should consider Black-Eyed Susan Catering in Black Mountain. Stress free and absolutely delicious. Ok, now that’s it for the plugs 🙂

We spent a week afterwards in the British Virgin Islands, spending the first four days on our own rented sailboat (with Captain Graham Brugh at the helm), and the last couple days lounging on the beach.  It was great to get away and to realize that we CAN go on vacation and that typically, nothing too drastic will happen while we’re away (there were a few small things that didn’t go perfectly).  A relief to know that vacations are still an option (as long as we find good farmsitters!).  Here you go: pictures.

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