Holiday Gift Ideas from Dry Ridge Farm

Since some of you have asked about specific products for holiday gift giving, we’ve decided to add a few potential gift ideas to your list of possibilities.

What better gift is there for your omnivorous friends than food they can enjoy with company, knowing that it was raised humanely and healthily?!

Local deliveries will be scheduled as orders come in and we will make one delivery the week before Christmas to the Raleigh/Durham area, and anywhere on the way.

You’re obviously welcome to buy any products we carry, but here are a few specific ideas.

Mild (or Hot) Breakfast Sausage – Perfect for vacation brunches, and a great gift for all the folks on your list for whom you’d like to get a “little something.” $6 per pound. $50 for 10 pounds (in 10 one-pound packs). This is our most popular sausage and sure to please everyone!

Other Sausage Varieties – A bit fancier than breakfast sausage because they’re linked, these are great for the pork lovers you know who just LOVE a particular sausage. We have bratwurst, polish, chorizo, and sweet or hot italian sausages. $8 per pound or $70 for 10 pounds (each 1 pound pack contains four sausages).

A selection of our sausage varieties.
Our assorted color eggs. A beautiful and delicious gift!

Sausage Variety Pack – Feeling indecisive? Why not get one of each! Your choice of five packs of sausage. $35.

Eggs – What better way to spread some holiday cheer in the office than by getting a dozen eggs for each of your co-workers? Everyone loves fresh farm eggs, and we’ll make sure each dozen has a blue egg as a delightful surprise! $4/dozen – limited supply; order early.

The Export Rack – Feeling generous? There’s nothing that shows some love like the gift of an export rack.  Also called a bone-in rib roast, it’s the highest end cut you can get.  It’s the tenderloin with the ribs still attached, so you end up with the juiciest, savory-est rib, chop, tenderloin feast of your life. As I said, there’s nothing that says love like an export rack. A hefty 7 pounds (yes, your gift will have to be shared with a large party) – $60. Very limited supply so order now!

Meat Donations in the name of your loved one – Looking to give the gift of giving? We’ve organized with Manna Food Bank to deliver meat donations in December.  If you would like to give the gift of food to those who lack it, and honor a loved one by donating in their name, just let us know the value you would like to donate, and we’ll send that value of product to Manna.  We’ll also send a card to your loved one to let them know you’ve contributed on their behalf. AND we’ll donate an additional 5% of your donations ourselves! That means if you buy $20 worth of product, we’ll donate $21 dollars worth!

Looking for a gift basket? We’re not there yet, but we highly recommend Goodwill, which always has very nice wicker baskets for an affordable price.

Please place your orders by December 10th, by emailing Wendy at wendy@dryridgefarm.org! We’re bringing hogs in on the 11th, so you can’t get anything fresher, and we’ll deliver to specified locations around town on the 15th-17th. (If you want to order after December 10th, let us know anyway and we’ll tell you if your request is still available!)

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