And so it begins…

It’s not quite March yet, but with crocuses and daffodils already starting to come up, it sure feels like Spring’s right around the corner.  And in true Spring fashion, Dry Ridge Farm is coming “in like a lion.”

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Dry Ridge Farm.  Since February 7th, we have… gotten engaged, received a surprise phone call letting us know our first batch of meat birds had arrived three weeks early… just in time for our only winter weather of the season, Graham brought four beautiful sows and a very eager boar to their new home, we got our first layers (more to arrive on March 1st!), we had our first leak in the roof (above our soon-to-be office), had our first water pipe burst, got six rabbits, five bred (one’s a buck), launched our website (yippee!), got a tractor and flatbed trailer, and set up our first meetings with buyers.

Now, our boar is delighted to be gallivanting with two of his lovely ladies, and he’s making sure all the neighbors know it, our rabbits are busy getting their nest boxes situated, and our first broiler batch seem to get visibly larger and feathered between the time we start our day in the morning to when we leave in the evening. We’re in production folks; start your mouths a’waterin cause come May, you can get your first samples of chicken and rabbit! We’re delighted to be hitting the ground running on our new path toward the finest meat producing farm in Western North Carolina.

And so it begins…

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