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Moving Day Nears!

While I’m home working on the website and our first marketing materials, Graham’s currently at the farm installing a shower and washing machine drain, with our buddy Jason… the final step before we can move in to our barn apartment!  Well, my mother would say that the final step will be a serious cleaning, what with the broilers spending their first two weeks living in our future bedroom… but this is the last big step.

As sad as we are to be leaving our little blue house in Marshall, we’re thrilled that we’ll finally be on site! It’s nerve-wracking being 20 minutes away at night, with all that can happen in our absence: fences losing power, animals finding their way out of fencing, predators following those roaming animals around, water leaks, lightning, tornadoes. There’s a chance I worry a bit much, since none of these have actually happened; it’ll just be nice being on-site in case they ever do!

Things I’m looking forward to about the move:

– being able to walk out of my house and do chores before breakfast.

– working in my office, but being able to walk outside and take all the pictures I need, or just to go for a walk or say hi to our animals, whenever I please.

– not worrying about forgetting notebooks or cameras or files or lunch at home when I leave for the farm.

Those are the main ones. Working on office-y things this week, like accounting, website updates, brochures, this and thats, I’ve felt a bit disconnected from the farm and yearning to just be on the property.  I did chores last night and loved closing up the chickens as dusk settled in and making sure everyone else was fed and watered and settling down for the night.  It’s part of the lifestyle I’ve been looking forward to, and by moving to our land, that lifestyle will finally be my reality! (I’ll have to read this post again in several months when I’m bound to be tired of all the chores that need doing every day!)

Now, I’m off to go fill out an application for the electric company to install some power going up to our well, and then down to Asheville for a meeting with a potential wedding caterer! I wanted to add a little post before that.

As soon as we’re moved, you can expect a new post each week.  Upcoming topics: Meet our animals – an introduction to Clementine, Celeste, Gertrude, unnamed sow and unnamed boar (guess who named the first ones), plus an intro to all the other beasts at Dry Ridge Farm; Logo Feedback – we’re getting close with our logo, and need will need your thoughts!; our Invasive Grass Prairie Burn; Eggmobile Construction and…

Many more pictures!! I hear you that we need more. I’ll be snapping away and posting plenty of pictures over the next few weeks. I hope all y’all are doing well!

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