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Home on the Farm

We’ve had a lot of moves on the farm this month. And since photos have been in demand, that’s the bulk of this post! I’ve saved the best for last, so if you’re short on time, scroll straight to the bottom to see the cutest pictures in the world.

In addition to Graham and Wendy now being settled in on the land…

Our broilers have gone from here…

To now being cozy in their moveable hut.

…and getting to scratch on a new patch of grass daily.
The layers replaced them in the brooder while eggmobile construction started…

… first by deconstructing a hay wagon deck.

Then framing…
 Roofing and nest box construction…
 A bit of wire stapling, plywood, and paint later, it was move in day!
Things got even more exciting, when in mid-March, we had our first baby farm animals arrive on the scene!
Our five young rabbits are now about a month old (I’ll take pictures earlier next time!)
And then, this weekend! Lambs! Giggling and cooing have abounded this weekend.
 Our first lamb was born on Friday.
   A little speckled female.
   Our first ram lamb on Saturday. He’ll likely be our first lamb to market.
Ram lamb #2 was born this morning, while it was snowing (I kid you not. March was like summer, April’s been a bit wintery). He was still cold and wet when we tagged him but is now up and about and eating like a champ!
And just a few hours ago, a darling light brown ewe, with a white-tipped tail and white back feet.
It’s probably needless to say… it’s been a really fun few days! Having our first farm-born baby animals is a thrill, and we’re delighted that they’re all doing well so far.
All mothers are being protective and attentive, had no problems birthing, and the lambs are eating and walking well.  Our second ram’s mother is particularly impressive and our brown female lamb is impressively strong and milks aggressively.
It might be obvious that I have my favorites.  I’m hoping our female lambs will continue to impress us and stay on the farm as breeders, but I’m not going so far as naming them!
More photos and news to come. I’ll be posting much more frequently in the future, and I’ve learned to carry my camera with me at all times… we’re expecting another 21 to 42 lambs (depending on how many are carrying twins) in the next three weeks, so get ready for a deluge of cute!

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