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Piglets, piglets, piglets (x8)!!!!!!

They have arrived!!  We had our first gilt become a sow this morning, with her first litter! Graham even had his first experience watching momma in action, since she’d had four when he went to feed her this morning, and now seems to be done with a grand total of ten piglets born (for the majority of you who have no idea about such things, ten is excellent for a first time momma).  Two of the wee ones were born in bad shape, and didn’t make it, but we’ve got 8 right now, and Mom is doing an amazing job caring for them… responding to squeals, easing herself slowly down as she readjusts to feed them.

Enough chatter… here are pictures. Hands down the most exciting day on the farm yet! (Lambs were exciting too, but man, these little guys are adorable). Meet our five new boys and three new girl piglets.

Piggies have their ears all slicked back when they’re born!

Eating like champs!

A bit more spread out after we returned the male piglets to their momma. It’s easier on everyone to get some things done as soon as possible, and we don’t want five boars in our herd! Momma accounted for everyone, then eased herself down where she knew her babies weren’t under her. We’re excited she’s a good mom so far!

Another great day at Dry Ridge Farm, with an ever expanding family!