Asheville City Market Downtown… Here we come!

Asheville City Market – Downtown… here we come!

Big news y’all! Starting THIS Saturday, you can find Graham and I and all of our Dry Ridge Farm products at Asheville City Market on Charlotte Street! Yippee!

Being able to participate in this market is a bit of a game-changer for us, and it couldn’t come at a better time! With 30 lambs just about ready to go to market, and exactly 50 little pigs scampering through our pastures (that’s more than we’ve processed total to date!), and 400 new laying hens in our brooder (which will double our flock), we’re ready to keep your breakfast, lunch, and dinner plates full of delicious Dry Ridge Farm meat and eggs! Getting to become a part of your weekend routine stroll through Asheville’s best farmer’s market is delightful!

Thanks for all your support through our first year and a half! It’s your support that’s made us able to offer our products at this Saturday market, and we’re looking forward to offering more and more delicious food for you!

Farm Tour – Sept 21 & 22

For this one weekend, from 1-6pm both days, 31 farms in Western NC, including Dry Ridge Farm, will open its doors to visitors interested in seeing how and why we do what we do!   If you’d like to spend one or both days touring farms, get your tickets now by going here: http://asapconnections.org/events/asaps-farm-tour/ (and scroll to the bottom to hit the “next” button).   It’s only $25 per carload, for both days, so pack all your friends in and make a weekend of seeing where your food comes from!

Volunteer at Dry Ridge for Farm Tour! (pretty please?)
Want a FREE FARM TOUR PASS? Want to learn the ins and outs of Dry Ridge Farm? Want to coddle newborn lambs? Then, reply to this email to let us know you’re interested in volunteering with us during the Farm Tour!   You’re welcome to volunteer one or both days, and if you volunteer for one day, we’ll give you a free pass to go visit other farms on the second day of touring. Farm Tour is a super fun weekend, but it’s a very busy and tiring 5 hours, so please be ready to share lots of energy as a volunteer. It’s a great way to get to know us, the farm, and a bunch of other farm lovers in the area!

 Piglets, Piglets, and More Piglets!!

You read that right… 50 piggies are now roaming our pastures.  Of those, 19 are from the litters we had three months ago… which means that this round of farrowing brought us 5 litters, for a total of 31 new babies (there’s a word to expand your vocabulary; sows giving birth = sows farrowing)!  The not-so-great news is that, for 5 litters, 31 isn’t such a great average.  We had two sows that had some trouble keeping their whole litter and have ended up with 3 babies a piece.  That does mean that we had good, large litters from the other 3 sows!  Enough with the numbers, Wendy, time for pictures!

A pretty rare sight. Both Mom & Dad with babies.  Not many boars are patient enough to have eight pigs nosing around next to them... but I guess he was cozy snuggling with his lady.
A pretty rare sight. Both Mom & Dad with babies. Not many boars are patient enough to have eight pigs nosing around next to them… but I guess he was cozy snuggling with his lady.
Feeding time for mommas
Feeding time for mommas
Mom's making sure I'm not messing with anyone.
Mom’s making sure I’m not messing with anyone.


A small, but happy litter.
A small, but happy litter.
Feeding time!
Feeding time!
Finding some shade.
Finding some shade.
And we moved our little meat chickens outside today!
And we moved our little meat chickens outside today!


In case the last three videos don’t work (I have a lot of trouble inserting videos in posts or newsletters), check them out on our facebook page to see what piglets running, eating, and playing in mud looks like!

Check out our Facebook page for a video of our eggwasher in action too! (Just scroll down the status updates or go to our photos)

Lambing Nears…
So, I just took our Kubota mule for a little picture-taking (quite possibly my favorite part of my job, though one I could improve on), and I did so explicitly in the hopes of getting a picture of our first lamb of the September 2013 lambing season.  Sadly, no dice (or lambs).  Today’s the first possible day we could have a lamb arrive, and apparently our ram was a little lazy during the first day he spent with our girls.  Fear not, though. As soon as that first little lamb makes an appearance, we’ll post the picture on our facebook page.

On that note, have you liked us on Facebook yet? We’d appreciate it if you would! Click here, then hit the like button!

That’s all folks. See you on September 21 & 22 for Farm Tour!! Come on out and see all our babies, the egg washer, all the new fencing that’s up, our new laying hen chicks, and more!!…

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