Bacon is Back!!

That’s right, y’all! We’ve got lots of bacon again! Come and get it at one of our three markets (see the “where to buy” link for locations and times)!

Want a consistent supply of your favorite meats? We’re starting a “wait list” for the next season of our CSA (Nov, Dec, Jan). Be the first on the list! Just email wendy@dryridgefarm.org and let me know you want to sign up for it! More information on what you get from the CSA is at the “join our CSA” website page. You can fill out the form to be added to the waitlist too.

Now, enough of the “buy our products!” plugs. How bout some pictures.  The past month, we’ve been focused on lambing season and getting our new laying hens into their new home. Lambing wasn’t quite as fruitful (or lamb-ful?) as we’d hoped, but we’ve got about 50 little ones bouncing around on our pastures with their mommas. They provide a lot of entertainment whenever we visit their pasture, chasing each other around, or getting confused and going from one ewe to the next asking “are you my mother?” (only to be nudged away time and again). And on occasion, all the lambs seem to get riled up all together, and take off across the field in a tight, 50-lamb flock, turning and bouncing in unison. There’s little that brings more joy than watching them dash back and forth.

Lamb photos so far. I haven’t been great at taking pictures this month, so I’ll post more when I take them!

Getting our new layers into their new egg mobile! They’ll double our egg production this Spring!

Foothills Butchery Now Open

Our friends, Casey and Meredith McKissick, at Foothills Farm and Butchery, opened their new meat shop this Wednesday!

Find them at 1196B Old US Highway 70 in Black Mountain. And click here to go to their facebook page to like them and see what’s cooking today!

They were all set up when I dropped off eggs in the morning, and man, it is GORGEOUS in there!  They are the ONLY butcher shop in the area that focuses on offering local, well-raised meats and dairy, and we’re super excited their shop’s officially open!! Along with our chicken and eggs, stop by the shop for LOCAL (they have the farms listed in the shop) and PASTURED beef, lamb, pork, milk, yogurt, goat cheese and more! AND they’ve got precooked meals for you to take home for dinner! They had some awesome looking pork ribs, meatloaf, and meatballs yesterday, and change it up regularly.  A delicious new addition to the Asheville and surrounding areas’ food community.

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